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The Tulip Inn Hotel Sainte-Clotilde offers a buffet breakfast which you can take inside our sleek design restaurant or outside on our sunny terrace. You will start your day enjoying a healthy breakfast in an idyllic environment.

Outside guests are also welcomed at our breakfast buffet.

Opening hours: Opened from 6 am to 10 am during the week and until 10.30 am on weekends
Price: 12€ per person


The Tulip Inn's restaurant is the perfect place to spend time with friends or family members or even to organize business lunches.

2 options are available to you:

Buffet Dinner: The menu is renewed every day in the form of a buffet by our chef André who invites you to taste traditional and authentic cooking.

Opening hours: Opened daily from 8 to 9 pm - Reservations required

Lunch or dinner à la carte: Meet your current desires with our wide choice of meals. You can order one of the meals from the menu with our team and be served directly to our restaurant or for a take-away in your room.

Opening hours: Opened daily except Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 pm / 7 to 8 pm